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As much as I love the ease Amazon, there’s something indescribably special about shopping – and selling – at a local book shop. Words painstakingly crafted at a kitchen table on one end of town are printed, bound, and then lined up along wooden shelves on the other end of town. Every book store and coffee shop I have asked to carry my book has agreed to it, to generously shift inventory and make room on a shelf in their little shops for Without a Trace, a novel about an old mountaineer by a first-time author. Thank you. Shop local, y’all.

Find Without a Trace at…

Books and Other Found Things, 13 Loudoun St. SW, Leesburg, VA

Bicycles & Coffee, Purcellville, VA

Butterfly Hill Farm Store, 38673 Charles Town Pike, Waterford, VA

Spellbinder Books, 124 S Main St, Bishop, CA

Mac’s Sporting Goods, 425 N Main S.t, Bishop, CA

DDR Books, 7 S. Maple, Watertown, SD

…and more soon.

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